Can I see the stores in another area ?
No, GoVape is a geolocation tool, not a directory.

Add a store
From the application menu → Suggest a store

Before you can sign in to your account on the web, you must create your account via the app (My STORE button)

You can find us and share the application on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/GovapeAPPLI

Iphone installation
I have an error message when I try to launch the application I just downloaded on my iPhone
See this iPhone installation help page

Edit / Add my phone number
It’s as easy as an e-mail to contact@govape.fr.
If you have an account and your card is Premium, you can make this change yourself

Several stores
One account is enough to manage an unlimited number of stores.
If you do not have an account, you can suggest a new store from the application menu → Suggest a store

Report a closed or non-existent store
From the store card → Report.
/!\ Before any deletion, a check is made

The deadline for validating your changes may require up to 24 hours